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NEWSCOM® Optional Modules

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NewsCom® Systems undergoing final preparation before shipment.

QUIPP-NEWSCOM® Optional Modules:

allows NEWSCOM® to control one or more downstream stackers and keep your bundle sizes in sync with your inserter jobs during runs with multiple bundle sizes. When utilized with Quipp stackers, nearly every setting in the stacker can be set from within NEWSCOM®.  NEWSTACK can communicate with the new Quipp 600 Series stackers utilizing the new XML interface which enables advanced features, as well as the legacy interface for older stackers.

allows NEWSCOM® to print labels on individual packages before they are bundled. Files containing addresses are linked with inserter jobs to automate the production of a TMC product. When combined with NEWSSTACK, a stacker is controlled to create bundles that follow embedded information for postal sortation.

allows NEWSCOM® to control sticky-note applicators.

NEWSWRAP allows NEWSCOM® to print labels on your bundles via a bottom-wrap printer.

allows NEWSCOM® to receive Advertising and Circulation information from your front-end systems, including BURT LineManager
TM, SAMTM, and OmnizoneTM.

For other systems, the NewsCom® interface is designed to allow you to import data at various levels depending on your needs and abilities of your system. You to choose whether to perform particular functions in your systems or within NewsCom®. The interface is well documented and clear examples are provided for each type of file.

NEWSGROUP is a multi-machine manager for sites with more than one inserter, but without a large upstream planning system.

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SAMTM is a trademark owned by Muller Martini Mailroom Systems.
TM is a trademark owned by Burt Technologies, Inc.
TM is a trademark of Goss International Corporation
NEWSCOM® is a registered trademark owned by Quipp Systems.