NewsCom® Inserter Control System


NEWSCOM® is capable of controlling the following inserter types:

  • NP630™
  • 1472
  • 1372
  • 2299
  • SLS-1000®
  • SLS-2000®

QUIPP’s NEWSCOM® Inserter Control System features:

  • Reduced setup time
  • Handles more complex production run challenges
  • Better insert tracking and accountability
  • Extreme User Friendliness
  • RAID disk drives for better data protection

Today's advertisers demand more accountability than ever. NEWSCOM®'s ever-expanding set of reports will fulfill your needs. NEWSCOM® is a sophisticated inserter manager that provides product integrity by tracking misses, doubles, rejects, and unopened jackets.

NEWSCOM®'s internal data architecture is designed to handle your most complex distribution requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Multiple publications.
  • Multi-part publications.
  • Multiple distribution maps (schemes).
  • Insert versioning.
  • Inserts can span publications.
  • Easily start/stop/resume production runs.
  • Multiple setup methods allow operators to prepare runs in ways that are familiar to them.
  • Advanced feathering.
  • Load balancing jobs on dual-delivery inserters.

NEWSCOM® was built from the ground up to be easy to learn and easy to use. Typically, a new site is up and online with new operators setting up and running NEWSCOM®, without assistance, after just two production runs. Inserter Control upgrades are quick and straight-forward. Inserter hardware and I/O conversions take approximately two days. Systems not needing I/O conversions are typically brought on-line in only a few hours.

A NEWSCOM® Inserter Control System upgrade will allow you to:

  • Meet more complex production run challenges.
  • Provide better insert tracking and accountability.
  • Shorten your Setup Times.

Add-on Modules
Click here for information on the available optional NewsCom® modules.


"Savings were immediate. Training went like this: I observed the trainer once. The trainer observed me twice. By my third session I was training others. Data input speed was much enhanced over our former insert management program, shaving valuable time from an already stressed schedule. The ease of the program facilitates a very rapid learning curve … “On the fly” changes, re-sequencing zones, and re-assigning products to a different hopper, for whatever reason, are as simple as wiping a finger across the screen, and are routinely done without pausing production. This was not possible with our previous system."

Dan Hamrick
Facilities Manager
The Chronicle Telegram
Elyria, OH

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SLS-1000® & SLS-2000® are registered trademarks owned by Muller Martini Mailroom Systems.
NP630™ is a trademark owned by Goss International.

Software from HW Group is utilized for diagnostics and testing.